Tanishq Advertisement- A different Analysis.

Tanishq Advertisement- A different Analysis.

Author: -Deepansh Shukla

In a report published in the book ‘SuperFreakonomics,’ 51% of the Indian married man justified wife-beating and adding to the surprise, 54% of women surveyed supported the decision. The report also emphasized the fact that 1,00,000 Indian women die in the fire every year either due to domestic abuse or other instances.

In India, the condom of men malfunctioned 15% more times than the world average. As per a report by the Indian Council of Medical Research, 60% of Indian men have a penis too small for the condom hence makes Indian women more vulnerable to the contiguity of HIV/AIDs. After the report was out, the government vowed to avail the Indian citizens a condom of smaller size easily accessible.

Satisfactory for a fact but, how is this even relatable with a case which involves religions and politics? Does it even make sense to talk about HIV when the matter revolves around an advertisement?

There is no exact data available to quote but, 70-85% of marriages in India are arranged, possibly the highest in the world and, for a fact, 34.3% of 1.32 billion people consist of youth in India which attains the age of marriage. Criteria in a love marriage include one’s physical, emotional, sexual preferences coupled up with ethics, compatibility, income factor before the marriage. In an arranged marriage, the sexual preferences of one’s are not a topic of discussion. It looks like a small issue but it has a whole psychological bend, India is one of the fastest-growing economies accompanied by a social change, and marriages remain a thing to see a change in India.

Quoting the above facts what I understood after my analyses are, a small penis size accompanied by the political and social divisions persuades Indian men to believe that arrange marriage only is an option to marry.

Tanishq advertisement portrayed a young girl married to a boy of a different religion and her mother in law offering her the jewellery which, generally is a part of the ceremony performed in the girl’s faith. This ad created an outrage on social media with people supporting and opposing the ad, with the same ardour to keep their point down. The social media quickly thronged with a campaign to boycott the company starting the hashtags  #LoveJihad and #Boycott Tanishq. Was this ad worth discussing or does an ad impact society at large which still struggles to provide grains to the poor? 

The ad triggered a backlash which mainly if noted came from the men of the society which reflects the insecurities they suffer. They believe if inter-faith love marriages become common a chance for them to get married reduces and religion is used as a scapegoat for many. Political ideas and political beliefs go along with the insecurities which turn, everything into a campaign in India. 

Also, the ad was created, beautifully what it lacked was the understanding of the right time to launch the ad. The world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic- stress levels, poverty, frustration is all on an upsurge. If served with something which does not align with their ideas will create a backlash from their side, no matter whether it was meant, to deliver a message in these trying times.

Political belief, something which is responsible for boycott or support mostly could this time be a scapegoat too. If we analyze the price of Titan shares it was consistent for very long, fells by 2.5% a day after faceless trolls, the market, quickly rises back just after it hits a low after so long. This time the ad could have been used by the bear market traders to manipulate the stock prices. It is a picture worth to be noted and investigated remains untalked about for long now. A company that has 10% of the jewellery market captured in India with a market cap of 1.07 crores, can 17,000 tweets, make share price fall by 2.5%? The ad pointed out the economic insufficiencies prevalent in the stock market of India.

 If we look at the scenario, the single advertisement points out not only the religious rift or animosity present in India. Also, the interior economic incentives people crave in an advertisement, with it points out our insecurities. It also delivers a message, an ad that banks on the religious beliefs of the people in India ends up creating a campaign in India with the harm caused to the company. Ads that target the preferences of the people as in the colours which attract them, the offers which they can’t resist is the future of India. Religious intermingling through advertisement showing a matrimonial affair will always trigger a conflict unless a clear political path has been found. No matter how beautiful the advertisement is, it might end up creating a conflict in India.

Source- Times of India.

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