Nikita Tomar Murder Case: communalism or women issue?

Nikita Tomar Murder Case: communalism or women issue?

Author: – Monika Yadav    


On 26.10.2020 an incident in Faridabad shook the nation, Nikita Tomar a 20 years old final year college girl while waiting for an auto outside her college with her friend approached by a car with two Muslim boys Tauseef and Rehan in it. They came out of their car and tried to kidnap her and forced her to sit in the car without her consent and when se rebelled, she was shot point-blank in broad daylight. This incident was recorded on CCTV and the video went viral. This kidnapping case had been attempted in 2018 which was reported by Nikita’s Family also mentioning that Tauseef harassed Nikita and forced her to convert into Islam but because of taussef’s political relations and political pressure they had to withdraw their complaint. 

Also, he has confessed that he killed her because she wanted to marry someone else. The only development, in this case, is to deliver justice to Nikita and her family home minister of Haryana has announced to set up a fast track court. 

As per the facts and statements made by the family of Nikita make it a case of “Love Jihad”, before discussing the main issue of love jihad it’s pertinent to understand what “love Jihad” means, In love Jihad, women are coerced to convert their religion into Islam in the name of love. Meaning thereby, a Muslim man by the use of emotional appeals and charm entices girls of other religion to convert into Islam, according to many reports it has been considered as a funded behavior. 

The term “love jihad” came to attention in a popular case where a Hindu girl eloped with her Muslim lover from Karnataka, and not to mention the very popular case of Hadiya of 2017 which took a rage spreads. Recently, it was also hyped by an advertisement of Tanishq which was protested to be banned as it promotes Love jihad. Also in sarawa gang rape where a 20-year-old girl was gang-raped and forced to convert her religion. Since the 1920’s the cases of love jihad has a rampant increase. 

As for now, there are no laws for the regulation of Love Jihad, Lately, in February Home minister in parliament explained that there are no existing laws to define Love Jihad. But as this issue is taking speed, it has raised concern for lawmakers, recently three state governments from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka have proclaimed their concern to curb and eliminated this social evil of love jihad. 

Conversion of religion for the sake of marriage has been criticized by the court in several cases; the Court concluded that the conversions by the women in each case could not be termed “bona fide” or “valid”.

Whereas many state governments have talked to enact laws to curb this social evil of “love jihad”, Madhya Pradesh Government is tabling the first bill making offenses cognizable, non-bailable, and punishable with five years imprisonment. it also adds to notify the district collector a month before an interfaith marriage is solemnized.

The Uttarakhand Freedom of Religion Act, 2018. Is the first anti-conversion law which records ‘marriage’ along with other fraudulent means of conversion. The objectives and reasons of this Act converse of those with an “agenda” to increase the strength of their religion; of men who misrepresent their faith, or convert only to marry so that they can then convert their wives to their religion.

Later, after Uttarakhand High Court’s suggestion, the Rajasthan High Court also came forward and in December 2017, set guidelines which will have a similar effect of law until proper law is enacted for the problem of “forcible conversions”. The State does have an anti-conversion Bill enacted by chief minister Vasundhara Raje, but it has not received the President’s assent.

As this case is a matter of two communities raises many issues of its coverage and the silent reaction of people who always came first to speak about communalism and human right violations, but this time they thought to remain silent, if it been put under some light, it can be seen that when a Muslim boy was killed by a Hindu family was 

Some people are defending the accused and some are calling it as a name for love jihad 

This is a matter is center of attention that there have been cases where Muslim are killed by Hindu family and such cases were in no time buildup under the name of communalism, but Nikita’s case has been only considered as a women right case, isn’t it a matter of biasness, or it fulfills some political agenda? The Hathras case got limelight and huge outrage because it was a fulfillment of a political agenda but in Nikita’s case, there is a confession, evidence but there is no action and protest from the side of Liberals and got no importance and named it as a women issue only. Nikita’s case has raised many such questions, It’s been said that crime is a crime and criminal has no religion, but this principle should be followed for each crime, then why this discrepancy? Why one case is labeled as Communalism and one as the women right’s case. Why there is this hypocrisy? Because of this hypocrisy, the focus is diverted from the main issue, and if this is the case then how the victim is going to get justice when there are this hypocrisy and biasness. 

This case seriously raised the concern of where we are heading as a  society? Seeing the drift of this social evil needs to stop and one should learn from history and should not let conspiracy succeed. 

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