Krishna Janmabhoomi: Another Invaded Land

Krishna Janmabhoomi: Another Invaded Land

India is undoubtedly a secular country, where each one respects every religion, caste, and culture that prevailed in the country. Everyone in the nation gets an equal opportunity and right as per law because there is no discrimination on any basis. The natives of the nation are very spiritual to their beliefs and their deities. 

As it is very well known that different dynasties and religious believes colonized India. All the invaders want to destroy the culture of that country and impose their own culture to be easier to rule. Hence, to increase Islam’s evolution, the Mughal invaders have demolished Hindu deities temple and set up new dargah over there.

The best example of the same can be concluded with Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura, and various Kashi temples, Etc. After the landmark judgment over decades in Ram Mandir with the victory of Hindus. The voice-over of other demolished temples was also raised in the country, including Krishna Janambhoomi in Mathura.

An application has filed the session court of Mathura regarding the removal of dargah from the land of Lord Krishna as it made up after the demolition of the temple invaders. In, Quran, wrote that no mosque should make at the place of another religious deity, and also should not use the used tiles and will not make other items in times of namaz over there as legal, authentic. But it is well known that most of them have made after the Mandir’s demolition, so it differs from the principles of the Quran.

The session court of Mathura headed by Additional District Judge Chhaya  Sharma has dismissed the plea, which was to remove dargah from its place. The suit has been filed by Hindu deity Lord Sri Krishna Virajman to remove the Shahi Idgah Mosque, which has been built over the birthplace of Lord Krishna within the 13-acre premises of Katra Keshav Dev temple.

Since it is a spiritual battle, the fact has notified and reflected Mughal invaders’ evil practices. The truth is that Secularism should have to look after everyone’s feelings, and it doesn’t mean that there should be demolition of one culture.



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