Interview with Ms. Jenifer Lakra (Rank-29, CJS)

Interview with Ms. Jenifer Lakra (Rank-29, CJS)

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

– John C. Maxwell

Ms. Jenifer Lakra has got selected as Civil Judge in the Chhattisgarh Judicial Services Examination 2019-20 and she got Rank 29. She is an alumnus of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. UFLS congratulates her and presents her interview.

How did you gravitate towards the law?

I was a Science student. I wanted to pursue medicine. One of my friends was applying for CLAT, so I did as well. By chance, I got into HNLU. After the first year, I developed an interest in the subject and decided to continue the course.

Did you focus only on academics in college life?

Yes, I was always into academics. I was never really into other activities. But yes, I did enjoy my time with my friends in my college days.

What made you choose to serve the judiciary; did you not get tempted by the fancy corporate jobs?

Honestly, I did not get tempted. I feel corporate jobs are not my cup of tea. I was always inclined towards Government jobs. Also, my aunt is a Chief Judicial Magistrate. I took inspiration from her, and I think it’s an incredible job, and I find it fancy.

When should a person ideally start preparing for the judicial services exam?

One should start at the earliest. As soon as you have decided that you have to fight for this particular competitive exam, it would help if you start preparing for it. Time is not the only factor. There should be quality in your preparations. Dedication and sincerity are keys.

How many hours did you devote towards the judicial services in terms of your preparation on a daily basis?

Honestly, I did not follow any timetable or routine. Sometimes I would sit for nonstop long hours, and sometimes there would be days where I would sit and do nothing. But I made sure that I would cover up the syllabus the very next day. Not all days are the same. It worked for me, but it doesn’t mean it would work for everybody else. So, prepare accordingly.

What was your study pattern, the mode of study (online, offline, etc.)?

I am not a follow-the-pattern person. I did go to a coaching institute. But I took help from various online content as well. You should not limit your sources.

Any specific strategy for dealing with the various case laws?

Multiple websites provide ample numbers of case laws like SCC, Manupatra, etc. But, yes, the topic-wise case laws given in the textbooks themselves provide enough knowledge.

How to clear judiciary in one attempt?

Honestly, it does not matter how many attempts you have. Everybody works hard for it. The competition is top-notch. Some of them get lucky in one go. But one should not hesitate to try more than once. It does not make any difference. If you are dedicated enough, you will get there eventually.

What if somebody has decided at the end of her college to sit for judiciary & he/she has to clear in one go? What your take?

The situation was the same with me. I decided to pursue judiciary only after college. Fortunately, I had enough time to prepare as the vacancy did not come the year I graduated. But it’s not always the case. As I said, quality preparation is a must. Dedication will get you there.

Do you think that judges also have a social life and can be active on social media like supposing a person who loves to post travel stories and also had a dream for the judiciary in one go? He clears in one go but is confused so what could be your point of view if you had been in that person’s place?

I don’t think social media is a problem as long as you know your boundaries. I would say continue doing things you love and enjoy but remember. Your job comes with a responsibility.

What would be your tips to those aspirants who are preparing for this exam?

As I keep saying, dedication is the key. Don’t limit yourself. Also, don’t get hard on yourself. Enjoy the process. Don’t make it torturous. Take help from your seniors who have made it through. Focus on every little detail. Make sure you are consistent with your studies. That is enough.

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