India-China relations in a post-COVID-19 world

India-China relations in a post-COVID-19 world

Author: Pooja Kriplani


India-China engagement is a defining moment in the relationship between two countries and in building the much-awaited Asian century. These two countries are Asian giants, Asian in every sense of the term; physically huge, demographically massive, economically resurgent, and strategically most powerful, compared to any of their other Asian neighbours. China – India relations, also called Sino-Indian relations or Indo-China relations. But in 2019 the city of Wuhan, the Hubei provenance of China has rapidly assumed global pandemic proportions. And this pandemic spread across the world. Government concern is Chinese entities took advantage of the crisis. It was seen that china recover early compares to other countries because of the acquisition of vulnerable Indian companies. Also, China has opposed India entry into the nuclear supplies Group (NSG) [1]and other things like China might even consider strengthening Pakistan economically and militarily to counter India’s influence, After such things India’s government announced a restriction on direct investment from countries that share the boundary with India, and the move clearly directed against China.

Political System during post-COVID-19 world

Another reason government concern with Chinese intent and taking precaution is because china taking advantage of the crisis and Chinese who seen early recovery from various problems have some objective like The acquisition of Indian company, Increasing its influence in India neighbourhood and Portraying it system and global and regional leadership role as more effective than other including the USA and India. The Indian government has announced a restriction on foreign direct investment from different countries that share a land boundary with India. These competition influence over the political system will depend on how India ultimately fare in crisis in health, economic and social terms, India leaders have been very active in engaging their counterparts around the world to boost on image and perception of its reliability. The country during the post-covid-19 has lifted on made exceptions to its exports make restrictions on certain drugs. Indian officials have highlighted. Delhi, as the assistant to China and, will acknowledge Beijing facilitation emphasized that most of the supply India’s getting from China is commercially procured. Finally, India is engaging with other countries in the indo-pacific bilaterally and through a quad plus mechanism. It will also likely work with others to blend our balance China’s future influence institution like the World Health Organisation.

Impact on Sino- India relation 

We can find out that China’s role in the pandemic is likely to harm the Sino-Indian relationship. If China has been transparent, the pandemic could have been tracked much more efficiently, and this is cleared for all to see, including India. Not only has China been not transparent about the level of strength within the country and human translation issues but more importantly it has silenced the World Health Organisation and other international organization ions from raising concerns about the Wuhan virus.

WHO take one step ahead with its director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus[2] pricing China for its transparency and added that China is the model to flow as far as the response to the virus Management is concerned made clear for all to see despite these it was said that there was an ample number of reports pointing to Chinese, To cover up the extent of the virus outbreak and silencing of the whistleblower. It should be noted that the current director-general came to office in 2017 with China backing do it was seen that India has so far managed to control the spread of the coronavirus within the country with the national or economic cost are going to be large. People of India blame china for that, it is likely is a public perception in India is likely to blame China for the image this had caused of coronavirus once the pandemic itself its control to India is unlikely to official blame when there was China bending behaviour with depending on the general public distrust of China and it will impact Indian domestic debate about notes sino-India tiles has for all the polite words and mutual congratulations about the anniversary the pandemic once again seems to indicate to New Delhi that China is likely to be irresponsible, selfish actor depending the concerned India already had about China behaviour.

About 2020 China India Skirmishes

In 2020 China India Skirmishes[3] are part of an ongoing military standoff between China and India. Since 5 May 2020 Chinese and Indian troops have engaged in addressing melee, face off and Sikkim at a location along the Sino-India border, which includes disputes and it, was near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh[4] and the Tibet autonomous region it was that Chinese force object to Indian road. Construction in the river valley according to Indian Sources it came in news that on 15/16 June 2020 resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers including of research and cause list, 43 Chinese soldiers including editor officer media give the report in which, It was stated that the soldiers were taken captive on both sides and released in the coming few days. On the Indian side, ten soldiers were reported to have been taken captive, Will the Chinese number in male and confirm later the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Indian Army delight and the detention of Indian soldier.

After that at Galvan Valley City skirmish on 15 June, numerous Indian government officials said that the border tension would not impact trade between Indian and China despite some Indian campaign about boycotting Chinese products. However in the following, their various type of action was taken on the economic front including cancellation and additional security to certain contract with Chinese firms, and calls were also made to stop the entry of the Chinese into the strategic market in India suggest telecom sector in September it was reported that the border tension has failed to dampen trade between China and India.


We understand that despite the good relationship between India and China since long-lasting remains Complex during post-covid-19, will the two countries are key trading, but now tension has come over the country which results in India’s opposition to China. All-weather china friendship with Pakistan as well on going on tension over their dispute in the Pangong Lake in Ladakh broader and we discuss which resulted in the Deadly border clash in June 2020, it was also discussed how the arrival of covid-19 has further complicated these dynamics and what this might mean for further Sino-India Strategies and economic relationships. After such things, India’s government announced a restriction on direct investment from countries that share the boundary with India, and the move clearly directed against China.

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[2] general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

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[4] the Pangong Lake in Ladakh

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