Feminism and the rise of Pseudo Feminism

Feminism and the rise of Pseudo Feminism

Author: –Varnika Singh


Feminism in layman language stands for an ideology, that advocates for social, political and economic equality. In simple words, it is a doctrine that aims to attain mutual respect and opportunity for all, regardless of gender. Further, this theory strives to spawn a society devoid of gender discrimination. 

A range of feminist movements have occurred, raising concerns of unequal treatment in the social, political and economic sphere. Although many individuals have been voicing out their opinions and raising objections, many of these issues still remain unacknowledged, which is what makes people diligently fight for its recognition, cognisance and admission. 

Feminism cannot be preached unlike other philosophies, it has to be recognised, received and realised by oneself. 

Sadly, people fail to understand the true essence and purpose of these feminists movements, and are susceptible to misapprehension about the same. 

One of the most prominent differences cited by people following a different school of thought, is of physiology. Every individual is blessed with uniqueness, strength and beauty. These are to be embraced, without prejudice. 

With respect to employment opportunities, equal numbers of men and women must be recruited in both the public and private sectors. Payment of salaries are to be based on the number of dedicated working hours put in by individuals and must not be determined by sex. The presence of gender bias in the employment sector, will further, only undermine efficiency of work, and would never lead to progression of the organisation. 

Nevertheless, steps have been taken by offices to ensure the safety and security of women at workplace by the implementation of practice of positive discrimination. Unfortunately, this step in itself is considered to be discriminatory in nature, by many. However, the main cause for such bigotry is for the common good and well being of a particular community i.e women. 

The stereotyping of women must come to an end, opening doors for them in various fields. Women have always been able to make it big, be it in politics, showbiz and even in history. We have witnessed so many visionary women who created a revolution by way of their work and contribution towards the society. 


A way forward can be:- 

  • Education on gender equality and rights
  • Ensure equal/proportional representation
  • Ensure equal Pay
  • Denounce extreme chauvinistic remarks, such as objectification of women
  • Boycott pseudo feminism


Pseudo feminism was born as a result of societal pressure and misconceived theories of feminism. These pseudo feminists desire a female-dominated world, rid of men. They believe in extreme egotistical means to shun men down. Hatred is their belief, retaliation is their weapon, antagonism is their means and, matriarchy is their object. Of late, many false allegations against men have cropped up, assassinating their true character. They are labelled as “misogynists” and/or “masculinists” solely for being men!. By taking offence against men as a whole, pseudo feminists nullify the entire revolution that aims to have an equalitarian society, free of differences. True feminists never generalize that all male members of the society are sexist, they only try to change perceptions of those men who believe in suppression of women by men. Their objective is not to forcefully impose their ideology on people, but influence them to follow the right path towards achieving an egalitarian society. 

We must also call to mind that men have been staunch supporters of feminism. They have taken part in significant political and cultural movements, advocating the policy of feminism. These male feminists have opposed meninism movements as against feminism. Their active participation in these movements clearly deduces that they too respect and understand what a real struggle is like. 

They claim to fight for equal rights but end up demeaning the opposite gender. The false theory on feminism is what makes people deeply sceptical about the motive of feminists. The misinterpretation of the dogma of women liberation can detract the pith and substance of this movement, making it futile. 


However, despite the cynicism, a group of people are truly fighting to attain the ultimate goal of feminism. Even the slightest deviation from the principle of feminism could disintegrate the essentia of this concept. 

True feminism would mean a movement that would liberate all women and will lead to solidarity in fields such as politics, economics etc. It must be evolutionary for it to become an effective global movement. All feminists, must work towards the extermination of all forms of inequality, including gender oppression and male domination. Their motive and methods to achieve their ultimate goal of equality must be pursued with constant determination and their progress must be made evident in a way that it inspires other progressive activists to draw together more people and fight for the same with unity. 


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