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About Us


The United Forum for Legal Studies promotes an interdisciplinary community of students committed to critical thinking in the field of law and humanities in India. We are an independent and student run organization engaged in academic and scholarly activities related to the principles of legal studies. UFLS nurtures an extensive network of scholars and students nationally and globally. Our autonomous nature enables us to forge meaningful connections with the broader public and with thinkers outside conventional academic spaces. UFLS believes in strengthening intercultural dialogues between scholars and writers around the globe on issues affecting the contemporary world.

The Forum aims to develop a further dialogue between scholars working in the broad discipline of law on contemporary issues. As the name implies, it seeks to provide a forum for promoting their work and a space in which students and scholars from a variety of backgrounds can discuss ideas and share knowledge and experience. Through this forum, we hope to inspire and encourage students to move from early career researchers to established scholars. We emphasize the purpose of the Forum to include the promotion of historical as well as a modern approach to legal research.

We are registered as co-operative society as Manu welfare society. 

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