2G Scam Case

2G Scam Case

Delhi high court allows CBI, ED pleas, on early hearing of appeals in 2g scam case.

On Tuesday, Delhi High Court has propounded its verdict over the plea filed by the enforcement directorate and CBI with regards to the expedited and early hearing of the 2G spectrum case. 

The case filed over a former Union telecom Minister, a Raja DMK MP Kanimozhi, and others. They are acquitted from the charges of money laundering and corruption in the 2G spectrum case in 2017. The accused demanded no need to have an expedited hearing covid-19; all the setup have been stopped. 

In Tuesday’s order, Justice Sethi has explained that everyone has a right to be heard, and the court will listen to the matter and opinion of both parties as early as possible. 

The opposite party has also filed an argument concerning the video conferencing. In response to the same, the court said that the online hearing is being conducted since 24th April 2020, and it also has heard voluminous cases, so there will be no ground to accept the argument; hence, the same stands rejected.

In this 2G scam case, the former telecom Minister A Raja with 14 others, are prime accused. As per the records of India’s comptroller and auditor general, the scam has caused a national loss of rupees 1.7 lakh crore to the Indian National exchequer. The matter filed with the allocation that A Raja has allocated airwaves and licenses for cell phone networks in exchange for bribes. According to CAG, the demand draughts were also backdated and had no sense of authentication. The CBI  also said that Swan Telecom was an insult for Reliance Telecom, and it violated Telecom policy to acquire more than 10% share is allowed under the law. In February 2012, the Supreme Court had cancelled the 122 licenses, which had been given in 2008 for a paltry rupees 9200 crores.

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